welcome to our community


welcome to our community


As a parent or family member, the first step is ACCEPTANCE. Then, IDENTIFICATION and finally take Informed ACTION by getting the right help. While taking care of your child, why don’t you get empowered by getting trained and also work in the area of special education?
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After training, get immediate work opportunity in a special needs school as a shadow teacher, academic head, counsellor or remedial educator. Pursue your dream. The journey could be different.


As an educator, care- giver or mentor figure, one entrusted with the immense responsibility of the future of these children, it is imperative that we understand their special world- their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, fears, hopes and dreams. Communicare provides training to care givers and shadow teachers, and provides trained shadow teachers that help create independent, healthy and happy children, in charge of their destiny.

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Understand that people with special needs can be a viable part of your workforce. First, you have to change the way you think about people with disabilities and that starts with breaking the assumptions that people with special needs can’t work, and should not be part of a workforce.
One in five people is an individual with a disability (learning disorders, ADHD etc).
So, chances are that in your workplace you are already working with or for people with someone who has a disability. Ask Communicare how we can help you sensitize your work place, which is the start to inclusion. Empathy and mindfulness begins in your backyard and soon you will see your worldview change.


As the first port of call for parents who have a doubt regarding the condition of their child, doctors have to work closely with the parent and school to provide the right advise in the overall developmental goals of the child. Communicare works closely with the Pediatric community to ensure we are a team and our goals for the child are cohesive.