partnerships & accrediations

Kids Supreme

Winner of 'Best Playschool in Powai', Kidzsupreme is our partner school to truly create an inclusive environment for children with special needs.

Copllege of allied educators

College of Allied Educators Singapore, is a premier learning institution and learning provider of choice for special needs, counselling, psychology, and allied health and science programmes.Formed in 2004, CAE provides accredited training programmes to parents, teachers, and caregivers acquiring practical tools and skills in order to support children with special needs.It has since expanded to include programmes, short courses, and workshops to train and help individuals and professionals in counselling, psychology, and allied health and science. The College brings a grounded, holistic experience with its focus on theory as well as real-world and practical case studies. As a partner of Communicare, College of Allied Educators remains committed to providing quality education and training to individuals and professionals in Singapore and the region.Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) 


Communicare is a member of the International Association of Special Education. The mission of IASE is to promote awareness and understanding of issues and developments related to the education and welfare of individuals with special needs throughout the world;

Spiral Praxis

Spiral Praxis, based in Canada, is a bodymind system that approaches the learning process through a completely new and modern paradigm. Utilizing the natural spiral dynamics between conscious and unconscious, it allows people to improve their internal functioning in virtually any area of life. Our approach in the sessions is a constant dialogue between the practitioner and clients where both must creatively draw on their inner resources to find answers. Our methods are strictly empirical meaning they must be simple, communicable, replicable and lead to consistent results. Communicare is proud to partner with Spiral Praxis.


AVAZ is a picture and text based communication App suitable for children & adults with ASD - ADHD - Cerebral Palsy - Mentally Retarded, Down Syndrome & any Intellectually delay development.
Available in 10 International language versions & in Indian version, it supports in 6 regional languages namely Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu. Available in both iOS & Android platforms.
As on date more than 75,000 users are using across the world.
Avaz is the exclusive Technology partner with Communicare in our preschool to mainschool (tm) readiness program

Communication Deall

The Comm Deall intervention program was developed by Dr. Prathibha Karanth, a pioneer in the field of speech-language pathology in India with over 40 years of experience. During the 20 years of running the program, hundreds of children have have benefited.
Communicare and Comm Deall have joined hands to make early intervention a reality. As of now, intensive early intervention is the most promising approach for alleviation of these disorders. Successful integration of these children can only be achieved with adequate preparation in the preschool years.